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White micaceous round platter with wool burning approx. 14″ diameter -SOLD- Advertisements

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Medium-Large Horsehair Bowl

 This bowl roughly 10 inches in diameter. -SOLD-

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Small Micaceous Dipping Bowls with Horsehair

Approx 3.5″ in diameter Comes in red clay or white clay patterns vary. -SOLD OUT-

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White Bowl with Horse Hair

  Medium white micaceous bowl with horsehair. fired in raku kiln. –NOT FOR SALE–

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Medium Micaceous Horsehair Bowl

  aprox. 10 in diameter  horsehair bowl, pit fired. -SOLD-

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Large Micaceous Casserole

  Large red micaceous pottery casserole -SOLD-

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Pit Fired Micaceous Salad Bowl

Large micaceous salad bowl. Pit fired –SOLD–