Looking Back, Looking Forward

I thought I’d start out the blog with a few pieces that have been juried in at gallery shows, sold at galleries, sold at the annual clay sale, and/ or won awards of one type or another.  There are several pieces missing from this posting, mostly some of the 5″ and 6″ square crane collages which I’ve sold a number of at the Red Dot Gallery on Canyon Road.  Also missing are a number of pieces sold at various art and craft sales, and two of my pieces that were juried into student shows at the college.

This, however, is a pretty good representation of some of the work I’ve done.  Looking back at it now (and looking at the pieces that aren’t represented) I’ve done a LOT of diverse kinds of work.  I’m slowly narrowing things down more.  And I’m still thinking of combining some of the work in some way… mostly with the clay and wool, which I still have a lot of ideas about.

I’m slowly starting to let go of some of that, after seeing the recent x-rays of my hands,  since clay won’t be the best choice in medium for me going forward.  I’m excited to work in clay another year or so, then move on to my plans to spend more time painting, and specifically working on very small canvases, or perhaps working on small pieces that can be combined into larger works, something along the line of Epilogue:


I’m working on getting better paints again, including some Golden Open, and am planning on doing some tiny landscapes, something that’s recently caught hold of my imagination.

But for the next three months, at least, it’s going to be clay…


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